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The Vines – Wonderful Wedge Shots!

Move over boys, one for the Ladies! Liz Wedge wins the day

25 Members enjoyed great weather and the Course was in excellent condition for our round at The Vines.

It’s a very well looked after golf course and has a great mix of challenging holes. Must comment on the Clubhouse food (considering the COVID restrictions) was very good .

1st Liz Wedge 36

2nd Wolf Engel 35

3rd Jim Day 34 c/b


3rd Frank Topolnjak 45cm🔥

6th John Elliot 8.0 m

10th Bruce Clark 4.5m

14th Stuart Thompson 3.3m

Next Round Royal Victor 13th September

John Mortimer ⛳️🏌️

Thaxted Park – Benn Beats the Bog!

Thaxted Park 2020 – Benn Cox back to back Winner.

Course conditions were very testing for the 23 members who made the trip down South. After some heavy overnight rain the Course was a bit soggy making scoring difficult with no one playing to their handicap.

Ben Cox off a 6 handicap had a great round with 35 points. Benn is on a hot streak after winning at Flagstaff Hill.

A warm welcome to our new SAOGA Member Ewan McDonald.


1st Benn Cox

2nd Al MacDonald 33 C/B

3rd Ryan Mancini 33


3rd Frank Topolnjak 1.7 m

8th Mark Mancini 4.5m

11th James Lunnay 4.5 m

15th Wolf Engel 1.8 m

Next Round  at the Vines on August 16th

John Mortimer 🏌️⛳️

Flagstaff Hill – Cox Cleans Up

Benn Cox had a sparkling day out with  75 strokes off the stick, finishing with 41 Points off a handicap of 8. Great golf Ben ! (And could  have been better having missed an eagle putt on the tricky 8th hole!)

It was a miracle we even got to play with the forecast weather rain and wind. 20 members enjoyed a rain free round on this challenging course and with COVID Laws easing enjoyed a chat in the Clubhouse for only the 2nd time this Year

1st Ben Cox 41

2nd John Mortimer 38

3rd Al McDonald 37


7th Al McDonald 2.0 m (Al nearly aced it hitting the pin, almost a hole in 1!)

9th Wolf Engel 7.0 m

13th Frank Topolnjak 8m

14th Bruce Clark 7 m

Next Round is Thaxted Park 12th July 🏌️⛳️

John Mortimer

Mark Mancini – Patawalonga Perfection

The Pat 2020 – Mark Mancini the Winner

25 Members and 1 Guest lined up for our first game since the COVID Safe Restrictions eased. The Course was in excellent condition and it was great to see everyone enjoying a restart to our Season. Special mention to James Skewes for his 38 points, although not eligible for a prize did beat his dad Chris by 1 point!

1st Mark Mancini 41

2 nd Chris Skewes 37

3rd Bob Troubridge 36


2nd Stuart Thompson 3.0m

5th Al McDonald 4.0m

12th Ben Cox 2.5m

16th Leon Mulder 1.1m

Note: prizes will be distributeed at our next game, Flagstaff Hill on 21-June-20

John Mortimer 🏌️⛳️

Troubridge Triumphs at Tanunda!

Tanunda Pines 2020 – Bob Troubridge breaks through for the Win. 

Only 20 members made the trip up to the Barossa this year, not unexpected given the current situation we are in.

The course was as always a challenge with many of the field practising “social distancing” by steering clear of fairways via the trees and rough destroying their scores for the round!

Some good scores were achieved and results are:

1st Bob Troubridge 39

2nd Ryan Mancini 38

3rd Al McDonald on c/b 38


6th Bruce Clark 4m

8th Wolf  Engel 1.2m

11th Mike Willis 5m

16th Len Dewsnap 9m

Our next round is Victor Harbor on the 16th of April – lock downs permitting 

John Mortimer 


Mt Compass 2020 – Willis Wins

Mike Willis Magnificent,Wins with 40 big points. 

Rated 59 in Australia’s best Courses, our first round for season 2020 at Mt Compass is a great test of your golf game. 26 Members teed up in great weather and some good scores were achieved. 8 Regulars were absent due to the Celebration of Carolyn Kernahan’s 60 th Birthday – Happy Birthday Carrie!


1st Mike Willis 40

2nd Kris Rodrigues 39

3rd Ryan Mancini 37 on c/b from Graeme Where 37

NTPs :

Hole 5 Ben Cox 7.5 m

Hole 9 Kris Rodrigues 1.0 m

Hole 12 Stuart Thompson 1.3 m

Hole 14 Bruce Clark 1.0 m

Some close ones there, hopefully will will have a hole in 1 this season!

See you at Tanunda on the 22nd of March for our next Round

John Mortimer 


SAOGA Clare Championship Tournament – 7th through 10th November 2019

59 adults and 5 children, incorporating 40 golfers, attended the 2019 Clare weekend. Weather was cool and sunny for most of the 4 days with a little breeze at times. It was good to see some of our new sponsors and also new members attend. This was our first outing to Clare for our end of year tournament.
The Clare Golf Club and the Country Club were good hosts with plenty of food and drink available for everyone. The course is differs from Renmark with more variation in alignment – both vertically and horizontal. Also, there are no bunkers – good for those of us challenged by these. Greens were in very good condition especially after the coring.
Our SAOGA sponsors provided teams in the Friday competition with a total of 9 teams entered. It was a great day with good feedback from our generous sponsors. Well done to Bruce Clark and the DrillQuip team winning the Presidents Cup.
There were many challenges this year based on our first visit to Clare and uncertainty regarding our budget and sponsorship. Great work by the Committee in bringing it together – especially Rob Pearce for his efforts with the golf and country clubs. It worked out well based on a first attempt and will be finessed next year, if at Clare.

Here is a summary of the results:

Thursday / Friday Winners:
• JFK Cup (Thursday Stoke) – 1st – F Sampson (69), 2nd – T Reardon, 3rd – B Clark
• Presidents Cup (Friday Ambrose) – Winning team – DrillQuip – B Clark, J Lunnay, T Carter & F Sampson.

Saturday / Sunday winners:
• Bardrill Cup (Ladies Stableford) – 1st – L Wedge, 2nd – V Mortimer
• Stealth Tools Cup (Best Stableford – Sat/Sun) – 1st – R Mancini, 2nd – M Mancini, 3rd – R Mulder
• Cavpower Cup (Most consistent) – K Rodrigues
• Ensign Trophy (Best Stableford – Sat) – 1st – S Garrick, 2nd – B Cox
• SAOGA Cup (Best Stableford – Sun) – 1st – J Lunnay, 2nd – M Duerden
• OICS Cup (Best Scratch) – 1st – J Trezise, 2nd – J Brown
• Santos Cup (Eclectic) – 1st – M Henderson, 2nd – B Clark
• RD Koch Trophy (Most Improved) – 1st – S Thomson, 2nd – G Thorpe
• NAGA – B Ferraro
• Halliburton Cup (Calloway) – 1st – J MacDonald , 2nd – N Bird

SAOGA Club Championship:
• A Grade – 1st – W Engel, 2nd – J Elliott
• B Grade – 1st – R Mancini, 2nd – M Mancini
• C Grade – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – T Reardon

Again, many thanks to our generous sponsors who make the weekend possible. Also, thank you to all who donated prizes for the raffle on Saturday night.

The Vines 2019 – Mark Mancini the Victor

The Vines 2019  – Mark Mancini breaks through for a Win. In cold wet and windy conditions 20 Hardy Members teed off at The Vines Reynella.The Results, with no one playing to handicap, tells the story of a tough round of Golf. The Course was in great condition considering the amount of rain we have had.


1 Mark Mancini 35

2 John Mortimer 34

3 Al McDonald 33


3 Al McDonald 1m unfortunately Al 3 putted !

6 Frank Sampson 6.5m

10 Wolf Engel 1.8m

14 Mike Willis 6m

Our next round is on September 15th at South Lakes Golf Club at Goolwa.

John Mortimer 



Thaxted Park – Ryan tops again

Thaxted Park July 2019 Ryan Mancini the winner.

25 Members made the trip down to Thaxted Park for our 6th round.Weather was great considering what it has been like during the week and once again we were lucky to have hardly a shower over 18 Holes.


1st Ryan Mancini 40 pts

2nd James Lunnay 38pts

3rd on c/b Travis Reardon 38pts


3rd Mark Duerden 3m

8th Wolf Engel .75m

11th John Mortimer 7m

15th Travis Reardon.5m

Next Round is at The Vines 18th August 

John Mortimer 


Flagstaff Veteran Victorious

Flagstaff Hill 2019 – Rob Mulder Romps Home.

27 Members teed off in great weather for our annual visit to this testing layout. Rob Mulder on his old home Course blitzed the Field to win by 6 points! Rob was the only player to score more than 35 points.


1st Rob Mulder 41

2nd Travis Reardon 35

3rd on countback Paul Chalk 35


Hole 3 Paul Chalk 2.2m

Hole 7 🙏

Hole 9 Darren Griffiths 3.5m

Hole 13 Frank Topolnjak 0.25m

Hole 14 Mark Duerden 2.5m

Our next round is July 14th at Thaxted Park

John Mortimer

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