Blackwood 2022 – Hendo wades home successfully !

Once again the Blackwood Golf Club presented quite a challenge for all of us as the winning score was only 35 points, posted by Martin Henderson, followed closely by Peter Green on 34 points and then Frank Topolnjak on 31 points. Andrew Reid also managed to accumulate 30 points but the rest of us languished in the 20’s and 3 players even failed to reach that milestone !

Clearly the weather had something to do with the day’s challenge, as it rained on-and-off throughout the day and many of the greens were a bit waterlogged, but hats off to the 17 players who braved the elements (of the 24 who registered originally). And let’s face it, if the Scots hadn’t wanted to play golf in the rain then this game would never have been invented !

There were also 3 match play games taking place, with Oska Wyness taking on both Stu Thomson and Martin Henderson at the same time, but losing 5/4 to both of them; Jim Day also beat Tony Harrison 4/3 in their match.

Anyway, it was another fun day out and was worth the drive up into the hills.


3rd Martin Henderson 4.0m (the only person to stick their tee shot on that green !)

8th Peter Green 5.0m (of 2 players onto that green)

11th Kevin Turnbull 7.0m (of 3 players onto that green)

14th Jim Day 5.0m (of 3 players onto that green)

Next Round 20th February at Mt Compass (along with the AGM)

Stu Thomson 🏌️⛳️

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