Blackwood January 2021 – Al Macdonald wins the farm

Obviously the Blackwood Golf Club presented quite a challenge for all of us as the winning score was only 33 points, posted by Al Macdonald, followed closely by Jai Brown and Bob Troubridge on 31 points each (Jai took silver medal position on a countback) and the wooden spoon being taken with 19 points (no names mentioned).

There were also 3 match play games going on, with Darren beating Mark 2/1, Alistair beating Oska 4/2 and Martin beating Rob 3/2 – all reasonably close matches coming down to the last few holes so well done to the victors!

The course was in pretty good condition so let’s blame that really annoying rain which came and went throughout the day, interspersed with humidity when the sun came out every now and then. I always thought that the weather bureau couldn’t forecast their way out of a paper bag as they definitely didn’t predict that weather!

Anyway, I think a fun day was experienced by all and it was worth the drive up there.

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