Flagstaff Hill – Cox Cleans Up

Benn Cox had a sparkling day out with  75 strokes off the stick, finishing with 41 Points off a handicap of 8. Great golf Ben ! (And could  have been better having missed an eagle putt on the tricky 8th hole!)

It was a miracle we even got to play with the forecast weather rain and wind. 20 members enjoyed a rain free round on this challenging course and with COVID Laws easing enjoyed a chat in the Clubhouse for only the 2nd time this Year

1st Ben Cox 41

2nd John Mortimer 38

3rd Al McDonald 37


7th Al McDonald 2.0 m (Al nearly aced it hitting the pin, almost a hole in 1!)

9th Wolf Engel 7.0 m

13th Frank Topolnjak 8m

14th Bruce Clark 7 m

Next Round is Thaxted Park 12th July 🏌️⛳️

John Mortimer

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