SAOGA Clare Championship Tournament – 7th through 10th November 2019

59 adults and 5 children, incorporating 40 golfers, attended the 2019 Clare weekend. Weather was cool and sunny for most of the 4 days with a little breeze at times. It was good to see some of our new sponsors and also new members attend. This was our first outing to Clare for our end of year tournament.
The Clare Golf Club and the Country Club were good hosts with plenty of food and drink available for everyone. The course is differs from Renmark with more variation in alignment – both vertically and horizontal. Also, there are no bunkers – good for those of us challenged by these. Greens were in very good condition especially after the coring.
Our SAOGA sponsors provided teams in the Friday competition with a total of 9 teams entered. It was a great day with good feedback from our generous sponsors. Well done to Bruce Clark and the DrillQuip team winning the Presidents Cup.
There were many challenges this year based on our first visit to Clare and uncertainty regarding our budget and sponsorship. Great work by the Committee in bringing it together – especially Rob Pearce for his efforts with the golf and country clubs. It worked out well based on a first attempt and will be finessed next year, if at Clare.

Here is a summary of the results:

Thursday / Friday Winners:
• JFK Cup (Thursday Stoke) – 1st – F Sampson (69), 2nd – T Reardon, 3rd – B Clark
• Presidents Cup (Friday Ambrose) – Winning team – DrillQuip – B Clark, J Lunnay, T Carter & F Sampson.

Saturday / Sunday winners:
• Bardrill Cup (Ladies Stableford) – 1st – L Wedge, 2nd – V Mortimer
• Stealth Tools Cup (Best Stableford – Sat/Sun) – 1st – R Mancini, 2nd – M Mancini, 3rd – R Mulder
• Cavpower Cup (Most consistent) – K Rodrigues
• Ensign Trophy (Best Stableford – Sat) – 1st – S Garrick, 2nd – B Cox
• SAOGA Cup (Best Stableford – Sun) – 1st – J Lunnay, 2nd – M Duerden
• OICS Cup (Best Scratch) – 1st – J Trezise, 2nd – J Brown
• Santos Cup (Eclectic) – 1st – M Henderson, 2nd – B Clark
• RD Koch Trophy (Most Improved) – 1st – S Thomson, 2nd – G Thorpe
• NAGA – B Ferraro
• Halliburton Cup (Calloway) – 1st – J MacDonald , 2nd – N Bird

SAOGA Club Championship:
• A Grade – 1st – W Engel, 2nd – J Elliott
• B Grade – 1st – R Mancini, 2nd – M Mancini
• C Grade – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – T Reardon

Again, many thanks to our generous sponsors who make the weekend possible. Also, thank you to all who donated prizes for the raffle on Saturday night.

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