Flagstaff Hill 2017 Mark Duerden Wins

We don’t have many competition rounds in thick fog as we experienced at Flaggy 17.
Members relying on course knowledge to navigate through the thick soup to try and find fairways and greens.
Mark Duerden cut through the fog for a great score of 39, 2nd Jim Stobie on 37 and 3rd John Mortimer 37 on CB.
A Grade
J Mortimer 37
C Skewes 34
W Engel 34

B Grade
M Duerden 39
A McDonald 32
M Mancini 31

C Grade
Jim Stobie 37
P Wingate 32
F Topolnjak 30

3rd Mike Willis 7 m
7th James Lunnay 2m
9th Andrew Hudson Chris Skewes 6m
13th John Mortimer 1.2
See you all at Blackwood
John Mortimer

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