Tanunda Pines 2017 Tony Harrison Wins

36 Members enjoyed our annual round at Tanunda Pines – a great test of golf in the heart of the beautiful Barossa. Excellent conditions with no breeze for our tee off time with the day warming to a hot 36 for the finish. A fantastic game from Tony Harrison for an easy win.
Winner Tony Harrison 48
2nd Andrew Hudson 37
3rd on cb Graeme Wheare

A Grade
Wolf Engel 36
John Mortimer 35
John Elliot 34
Ethan Ellis 34
Andrew Reid 34
B Grade
Graeme Wheare 37
Teof Rodriguez 34
Kris Rodriguez 34
C Grade
Tony Harrison 48
Andrew Hudson 37
Liz Wedge 33
Vera Mortimer 30
6th Ethan Ellis 4.5m
8th Tony Harrison 1.8m
11th Mark Duerden 6m
16th Andrew Reid 1.6m

John Mortimer

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