Year: 2016

SAOGA Championship Results

SAOGA Championship Tournament – 24th through 27th October 2016

64 adults and 9 children, incorporating 47 golfers, attended the 2016 Renmark weekend. Weather was excellent for all 4 days with a windy change coming through late Sunday morning.  It was good to see some of our new members attend.
The Renmark CC was a good host yet again with plenty of food and drink available for everyone. The course was in fair condition with preferred lies on the fairways.

Our SAOGA sponsors provided teams in the Friday competition with a total of 7 teams entered. It was a great day with good feedback from our generous sponsors. Well done to Dave Brooker and Chris Watson for their Bardrill / ABC Sales team winning both the Sponsors Trophy and the Presidents Cup.
The continued downturn in the industry presented a challenge with raising adequate sponsorship – but still enabling us to put together an enjoyable tournament – it worked out well. Everybody had a great time with good weather and golf.  Good scores were around on all of the days.

Here is a summary of the results:

Thursday / Friday Winners:

• JFK Cup (Thursday Stoke) – 1st – A Dewar, 2nd – T Carter, 3rd – G Wheare
• Presidents Cup (Friday Ambrose – Winning team) & Sponsors Cup – D Brooker, R Brickell, J Watts and C Watson

Saturday / Sunday winners:

• Bardrill Cup (Ladies Stableford) – 1st – C Kernahan, 2nd – V Mortimer
• Stealth Tools Cup (Best Stableford – Sat/Sun) – 1st – T Carter, 2nd – M Duerden, 3rd – B Cox
• Cavpower Cup (Most consistent) – V Mortimer
• Ensign Trophy (Best Stableford – Sat) – 1st – B Cox, 2nd – T Carter
• SAOGA Cup (Best Stableford – Sun) – 1st – M Duerden, 2nd – T Carter
• OICS Cup (Best Scratch) – 1st – J Lunnay, 2nd – T Carter
• Santos Cup (Eclectic) – 1st – A Hudson, 2nd – D Dwiyatno
• RD Koch Trophy (Most Improved) – 1st – W Engel, 2nd – K O’Donnell
• NAGA – C Brooker
• Halliburton Cup (Calloway) – 1st – Darlene Crimmins, 2nd – Jane Bray

SAOGA Club Championship:

• A Grade – 1st – T Carter, 2nd – J Lunnay
• B Grade – 1st – M Willis, 2nd – B Cox
• C Grade – 1st – B Clark, 2nd – M Duerden
• D Grade – 1st – T Kernahan, 2nd – S Healey

Again, many thanks to our generous sponsors who make the weekend possible. Also, thank you to all who donated prizes for the raffle on Saturday night.

Port Hughes Copper Club 2016 Results

Port Hughes Copper Club 2016 – Bruce Clark Wins

23 Members & guests enjoyed our annual trip to the Greg Norman designed Copper Club Golf Course. The Course was in great condition with well grassed fairways and slick greens.  It is a real test of golf and can spoil a good round very quickly with thick rough and huge Bunkers.

1st on countback – Bruce Clark 38 points
2nd – Vera Mortimer 38 points
3rd on countback – Darren Griffiths 37 points

A Grade
1st on Countback – Darren Griffiths 37 points
2nd – James Lunnay
3rd Wolf Engel – 32 points

B Grade
1st on countback – John Mortimer – 34 points
2nd on countback – Chris Skewes 34 points
3rd – Rob Mulder 34 points

C Grade
1st – Bruce Clark 38 points
2nd – Mark Duerden 33 points
3rd – Masayuki Ohara 32 points

D Grade
1st on countback – Jim Stobie 30 points
2nd – David Crimmins 30 points

1st – Vera Mortimer 38 points
2nd – Annette Pearce 32 points

4th – Wolf Engel 5m
7th – Mike Willis 6.5m
13th – Jim Stobie 8m
16th – Masayuki Ohara 7m


See you All at Renmark!

John Mortimer

Renmark 2016 – Info and Entry Form

Hello All SAOGA Members,

Our final event of the 2016 SAOGA season will be the 34th Annual Renmark Tournament to be held at the Renmark Golf and Country Club Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th October 2016.

If you wish to play please review the information sheet and submit your electronic entry form, along with your entry fees. Please note that entries close Friday 7th October 2016

As the majority of our membership is aware, times are tough in the oil patch at the moment and obtaining sponsorship for the event is increasingly difficult. However the committee is pleased to be able to keep entry fees unchanged this year. We expect to run a quality golf tournament and provide plenty of opportunities to relax and socialise.

Below is a link to the tournament information and on-line entry from. Please contact Mark Duerden or myself if you have any questions on the information or entry form!

Hope to see you there for a great event. Drive safely.

SAOGA Renmark 2016 Entries


Thank you,

Mike Willis

SAOGA Secretary

Port Hughes – Entry Form

Hello All SAOGA Members,

Our next game will be held at The Copper Club @ The Dunes, Port Hughes, on Sunday 25th September 2016. Tee off time is at 08:30 a.m. with a shot-gun start so please ensure you arrive at the course in a timely manner to sort a cart and get to your assigned starting tee.

If you wish to play please download the form from the link below, fill it out and email it back to SAOGA captain: by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday 21st September.  Instructions are on the form.

For this game, the comp fees are $50 per player which includes use of ½ a cart. Green fees / cart fees to be paid to SAOGA account and not to the club. Note that if you wish to use the cart as a single player (with or without non-playing partner) then the comp / cart fee total will be $65. Please indicate on the entry form if you need a single player cart. Carts will be assigned on first come basis as there are only 24 carts available and SAOGA playing members will take priority over single player +/- non-playing partner. (If you wish to walk the course, green fees are $35. However with a shot gun start, use of carts by all players is preferred).

The club is also organising a set menu for our members and guests at a very reasonable $20 per head – please see attached menu choices. Your order will need to be placed and paid for (cash to Mike Willis) at the start of the morning to ensure the kitchen staff are prepared.

As a bonus for the weekend, there will be a prize for the best score recorded on any Saturday rounds played at The Copper Club, kindly sponsored by Bernie Lewis Home Loads Norwood. So if you come over for the weekend, please save your Saturday card for submission, clearly marking the card for a Saturday game to avoid confusion!

Hope to see you there for a great weekend of golf on a challenging course. Drive safely.


The Vines Reynella 2016 – Ohara Wins

30 Members and Guests enjoyed our first round at the Vines. The Course was the winner on the day with no one shooting handicap or better. Now we have had a look, next year will hopefully bring better scores to all. Great to see one of our long term Renmark sponsors attend – Cillian Rouse from Sharpe Engineering in Roma.
1st Masayuki Ohara 35 points
2nd Wolf Engel 34 points
3rd Kris Rodrigues 33 points
A Grade
Wolf Engel 34 points
B Grade
Chris Skewes 31 points
Ben Cox 30 points
C Grade
Masayuki Ohara 35 points
Dwi Dwiyatno 31 points
Ben Wruck 31 points
D Grade
Kris Rodrigues 33 points
Jason Sobczynski 31 points
Scott Healy 31 points
Annette Pearce 29 points
Liz Wedge 29 points
3rd Chris Skewes 3m
6th Rob Mulder 8m
10th James Lunnay 9m
14th Masayuki Ohara 2m
See you all at The Dunes ⛳️
John Mortimer

Blackwood 2016 – The Captain takes a Win

James Lunnay blitzed the field with a great round and being the only player to shoot handicap or better with a fine 39 points, Second went to Kris Rodrigues 35, Third place on count-back Scott Healy.
Only 10 members out of the 34 managed 30 or more points at the challenging Blackwood Layout – proving to be one of the toughest of the year!
A Grade
James Lunnay 39
B Grade
Dino Paris 34
John Elliot 33
John Mortimer 30
C Grade
Bruce Clark 33
Mark Duerden 30
D Grade
Kris Rodrigues 35
Scott Healy 34
Teof Rodrigues 32
Liz Wedge 25
3rd Ben Cox 1.8 m
11th Andrew Reid 3.5 m
14th Paul Wingate 4.0 m

See you all at The Vines
John Mortimer

Mike Willis wins Flagstaff 2016

28 Members contested our annual round at Flagstaff Hill. Its a tricky layout with sloping fairway and many Trees and Bunkers. It was a tough day out for many players with only 9 Scores over 30. However, Mike Willis managed to beat the odds and win with 37 points. Carolyn Kernahan was second with 35 points and Rob Mulder third with 33 points.
A Grade
B Grade
Mike Willis 37
Bob Mulder 33
C Grade
Mark Duerden 30
Len Dewsnap 30
D Grade
Terry Greany 32
Tim Kernahan 32
Bob Troubridge 31
Jason Sobczynski 31
Carolyn Kernahan 36
Mark Duerden 5m
Mike Willis 11m
Bob Troubridge 2.3m
Kris Rodrigues 1.5m
Our next round is Blackwood see you all there.
John Mortimer

The Vines – Entry Form

Hello All SAOGA Members,

Our seventh game of the 2016 season will be held at The Vines of Reynella, off Reynell Road, Happy Valley on Sunday 14th August 2016. Tee off time is from 08:35 a.m.

Unfortunately the on-line entry form upload is not working this month – entry forms will be sent out via email attachment or please contact for an entry form.

If you wish to play please complete the form from and email it back to SAOGA captain: by 5:00 PM Wednesday 10th August. Instructions are on the form. If hiring a cart – please call the club on 08 8381 3300 and book one of our pre-allocated carts.

Blackwood Entry

Hello All SAOGA Members,

Our sixth game of the 2016 season will be held at Blackwood Golf Club, Cherry Gardens on Sunday 17th July 2016. Tee off time is from 08:10 a.m. using 1st and 10th tees – please note where you are starting when tees are assigned.

If you wish to play please download the form from the link below and email it back to SAOGA captain: by 5:00 PM Wednesday 6th July. Instructions are on the form. If hiring a cart – please call the club on 08 8388 2313 and book one of our pre-allocated carts.

Please note that SAOGA are required to confirm player numbers by 8th July and pay for those booked in ahead of the game. Hence entry forms need to be received on time and include payment made by direct debit for this game.


Flagstaff Hill Entry

Hello All SAOGA Members,

Our fifth game of the 2016 season will be held at Flagstaff Hill Golf Club, Memford Way on Sunday 19th June 2016. Tee off time is from 07:15 am.

If you wish to play please download the form from the link below and email it back to SAOGA captain: by 5:00 PM Thursday 16th June. Instructions are on the form. If hiring a cart – please call the club on 08 8270 2208 and book one of our pre-allocated carts


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