Year: 2015

2016 Golf dates

SAOGA 2016 Fixtures

Date Course Time
14-Feb-16 Fleurieu (Mt Compass) 07:30
20-Mar-16 Tanunda Pines 08:00
17 Apr-16 Victor Harbor 07:30
15-May-15 Sandy Creek (Gawler) 08:00
19-Jun-16 Flagstaff Hill 07:15
17-Jul-16 Blackwood 07:30
14-Aug-16 The Vines 08:30
25-Sep-16 Copper Club (Port Hughes) 08:30
27-30 Oct Renmark 14:00

Renmark 2015 Results

65 adults and 15 children, incorporating 49 golfers attended the 2015 Renmark weekend. Weather was excellent for all 4 days. It was good to see some of our new members attend.
The Renmark CC was a good host yet again with plenty of food and drink available for everyone. The course was in good condition.
Our aim to encourage SAOGA sponsors to enter teams in the Friday competition was successful with a total of 10 teams entered. It was a great day with good feedback from our generous sponsors. Well done to Mat Kennedy and his ALS X Drilling Tools team to win the inaugural Sponsors Trophy.
Due to the downturn in the industry we were very concerned about our sponsorship but still putting together an enjoyable tournament – it worked out well. Everybody had a great time with good weather and golf. We even found some Karaoke stars at the dinner.
Good scores were around on all of the days.

Here is a summary of the results:
Thursday / Friday Winners
• JFK Cup (Thursday Stoke) – 1st – M Duerden, 2nd – R Troughbridge, 3rd – D Brooker
• Presidents Cup (Friday Ambrose – Winning team) – J Lunnay, L Dewsnap, D Crimmins and D Mancini
Saturday / Sunday winners
• Bardrill Cup (Ladies Stableford) – 1st – C Kernahan, 2nd – C Brooker
• Stealth Tools Cup (Best Stableford – Sat/Sun) – 1st – B Cox, 2nd – R Troughbridge, 3rd – T Carter
• Cavpower Cup (Most consistent) – Masayuki Ohara
• Ensign Trophy (Best Stableford – Sat) – 1st – A Dewar, 2nd – M Willis
• SAOGA Cup (Best Stableford – Sun) – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – A Bray
• OICS Cup (Best Scratch) – 1st – J Tresize, 2nd – J Lunnay
• Santos Cup (Eclectic) – 1st – D Dwiyatno, 2nd – M Harkins
• RD Koch Trophy (Most Improved) – 1st – C Kernahan , 2nd – R Troughbridge
• NAGA – G Wilkin
• Halliburton Cup (Calloway) – 1st – , 2nd –
SAOGA Club Championship
• A Grade – 1st – M Willis, 2nd – W Engel
• B Grade – 1st – D Griffiths, 2nd – J Mortimer
• C Grade – 1st – B Clark, 2nd – D Dwiyatno
• D Grade – 1st – F Topolnjak, 2nd – R Troughbridge
Again, many thanks to our generous sponsors who make the weekend possible. Also, thank you to all who donated prizes for the raffle on Saturday night.

Port Hughes 2015 – Darren Griffiths Wins

Fantastic weather for our trip to The Dunes. Many members took advantage of the on-course accommodation and enjoyed a great golfing weekend. The course was a real test of golf with big bunkers and rough that can swallow your ball in an instant. Also, slick greens that break your heart.

Casual Saturday Comp winner
Mike Willis 41 points

The Sunday round had some great scores:

A Grade
Wolf Engel 35 pts
Mike Willis 33 pts
Ethan Ellis 33pts

B Grade
Darren Griffiths 40 pts
Graeme Wheare 38 pts
John Mortimer 37 pts

C Grade
Tom Whihodo 37 pts
Rob Pearce 36 pts
Leon Mulder 35 pts

D Grade
Robert Troubridge 30 pts

Carolyn Kernahan 34 pts
Liz Wedge 32 pts
Vera Mortimer 31 pts

Hole 4 Brendan Millsom
Hole 7 Wolf Engel
Hole 13 Jeff Waite

See you all for our final round at the mighty Renmark Golf Club
John Mortimer

Blackwood Wolf Engel Wins

A very cold tee off for our round at Blackwood Golf Club – an early battle with frozen fingertips awaited the field for the first few holes. Blackwood is a tricky layout, some shots are blind and unless you have local knowledge you can come unstuck very quickly. Wolf Engel won the day with 35 points nice to see an A Grade winner.
A Grade Wolf Engel 35 Pts
Mike Willis 33

B Grade Rob Mulder 34 Pts
Darren Griffiths 33
John Mortimer 31

C grade Mark Duerden 33 Pts
Bruce Clark 30

D Grade Gary Davies 27 Pts

Ladies Liz Wedge 31 Pts


3rd Darren Griffiths 10m
8th Bruce Clark 3.5m
11th Tim Kernahan 4.5m
14th Stuart Thomson 3m

John Mortimer

Flagstaff Hill 2015 – Frank T Wins

The Weather was perfect for our annual venture to take on Flagstaff Hill with a small group of only 23 starters. The usual surprises awaited- Flaggy has Teeth and can blow out your score card very quickly. Not surprisingly only 7 players scored 30 points or more. Must mention the Course was in great condition with very quick Greens.
Some good scores were posted here are the results.

1st Frank Topolnjak 44pts
2nd Bruce Clark 37pts
3rd Mark Harris 37pts

A Grade Mike Willis 34pts

B Grade Darren Griffiths 34pts
Chris Skewes 32pts

C Grade Bruce Clark 37pts
Mark Duerden 35pts

D Grade Frank Topolnjak 44pts
Mark Harris 37pts

Ladies Annette Pearce 28pts


7th Rory Burnell 1.25m

9th Wolf Engel 1.5m

13th Rob Pearce 0.5m

14th Daniel Yeoh 2.8m

See you all at the Blackwood Golf Club on July 19th for our next round
John Mortimer

Gawler 2015 – Andrew Reid Wins

I lovely sunny day greeted us at Gawler and the course was in excellent condition and 33 starters. Some confusion with the bookings with new management at Gawler caused some slow play, two other social clubs were hitting off at similar tee times. It was noted with the Pro and we have been assured next year there will not be a repeat. Still some magnificent scores were handed in:

Overall Winners

1st Andrew Reid 36pts
2nd John Elliott 35pts
3rd Tom Wihodo 32pts

NTP Prizes

4th hole Mike Willis 1.1m

6th hole Chris Skewes 3.25m

11th hole Wolf Engel 2.0m

Best grade scores:

A Grade Wolf Engel 31pts
Mike Willis 28pts

B Grade Andrew Reid 36pts
John Elliott 35pts
Darren Griffiths 30pts

C Grade Tom Wihodo 32pts
Mark Harkins 30pts
Mark Duerden 29pts

D Grade Jim Stobie 28pts
Frank Tooplnjak 26pts

Best of the girls Carolyn Kernahan 30pts

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