Renmark 2012 Weekend Results

81 people, incorporating 62 golfers attended the 2012 Renmark weekend.  Our decision to move the weekend back a month coincided with some very nice weather.  It was good to see some of our new members attend.

The Renmark CC was a good host yet again with plenty of food and drink available for everyone.  As most would be aware the Renmark front nine has upgraded greens, tee boxes and bunkers and should be open by December.  We played the back nine a couple of times for our Thursday and Friday competitions.  The back nine should also be upgraded prior to our visit nect October.

The Berri course was in excellent condition and they were good hosts for our Saturday and Sunday competition.  Good scores were rare on Saturday but improved on Sunday.

Here is a summary of the results:

Thursday / Friday Winners

  • Thursday Stoke – 1st – T Carter, 2nd – W Engel, 3rd – A Bray
  • Friday Ambrose – Winning team – J Mortimer, V Mortimer, D Rebbeck & W Engel

Saturday / Sunday winners

  • FG Wilson Cup (Ladies Stableford) – 1st – V Mortimer, 2nd – C Brooker
  • Transco / Stealth Bits (Best Stableford – Sat/Sun) – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – K O’Donnell, 3rd – M James
  • Mid-Content Group Trophy (Most consistent) – A Dewar
  • OD&E Trophy (Best Stableford – Sat) – 1st – J Lunnay, 2nd – D Rebbeck
  • SAOGA Cup (Best Stableford – Sun) – 1st – D Brooker, 2nd – M Ohara
  • Oilfield Catering Cup (Best Scratch) – 1st – J Tresize, 2nd – C Watson
  • Santos Cup (Eclectic) – 1st – M Harkins, 2nd – I Skibinski
  • RD Koch Trophy (Most Improved) – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – M Willis
  • NAGA – M Cole
  • Halliburton Cup (Calloway) – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – S Davies

SAOGA Club Championship

  • A Grade – 1st – J Lunnay, 2nd – C Skewes
  • B Grade – 1st – D Griffiths, 2nd – R Mulder
  • C Grade – 1st – J Mortimer, 2nd – T Wihodo
  • D Grade – 1st – D Crimmins, 2nd – G Davies

 Again, many thanks to our generous sponsors who make the weekend possible.  Thanks to Matt Kennedy for the shirt sponsorship.

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