Month: July 2006

Local Boy comes good and Dylis Hinde is named woman of the Tournament again

Congratulations go to Sid Robbins for a superb round of golf in atrocious conditions. With 29 starters and the rain and wind always in our faces, the cream rose to the top and not only was local player Sid Robbins on top of the field with 40 points but Dylis Hinde continues her magnificent march towards the women’s out right championship. I happen to know on good authority that Dylis although enjoying the Renmark weekend has over the years seen little success on the Renmark course. So her plan this year is unfolding as she dominates the early rounds to ensure that no lucky come lately player pips her with better rounds at Renmark, she will have the championship sown up long before November. But Sid’s win and Dave Brooker’s 2nd has opened up the men’s competition with only one more round of the pre Renmark competitions to come. In third place Warwick Pope enjoying his retirement and making a late run for the Championship in C grade made up this week’s winners.

Our nearest the pin winners this week were:

2nd Hole Dave Hudson 12.5m
4th Hole Ron Hinde 4.5m
6th Hole Carol brooker3.5m
11th Hole Kevin Brenton .86m (yes he does carry a tape measure!!
14th Hole Jeff Snedden 5.5m (his only good shot of the day)
17th Hole Andy Dewar 3m

But what stories can I pass on from this weeks adventure, I did hear that with weight loss comes the ability to draw the ball, something about more room to bring the hands over the ball but Mathew Kennedy will I’m sure have more to say on the subject in his newsletter!!

Have you noticed how some player’s ball is drawn towards water even when it is the more difficult shot to play than just plonking it on the green? I witnessed Graham Hackett perform just such a shot. With the open green in front of him he proceeded to chip the ball out to the right connecting beautifully with the only tree for miles and then flying 20m across the fairway to the left into the waiting water hazard. It was beautifully executed and my commentary does not come even close to giving the shot the credit it deserves!!

Congratulations also goes to our illustrious Club Captain, Jeff Snedden, who found himself locked in a pub all day Saturday, but thankfully he managed to drink his way out to be with us on Sunday morning. He told me there were a number of other thoughts that ran through his mind about how to spend his Sunday, but not letting down his team mates was all the motivation he needed. Now that’s what I call a team player!!

Our next outing is to the Patawalonga on the 20th August. Last year we had a team Stableford and although David announced it as a 4BBB at the prize giving in discussions with our Club Captain Jeff we thought we may repeat this competition. So start thinking about your teams for this event.

Finally well done to all the players at Murray Bridge is was a very tough day weather wise and there were some very competitive scores to show for it. Enjoy your golf!!

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