Flagstaff Hill tamed by Rick Karolewicz and Dylis Hinde

So how lucky were we, a beautiful morning full of promise, a fabulous golf course beckoning and 29 starters ready to test themselves and their equipment. So what happened between 7.45am when the first group teed off and 12.55pm when the final group finished?

For a change lets start with the heroes, the people who gave it their all but just came up a bit short, like most of my putts. Congratulations first go to Kevin and Keith, for their efforts. (I’m only using their first names to protect the innocent) If we had been able to combine your scores you would have tied the day with our winner Rick Karolewicz. Then there was the team of Bob and Leon, a family effort this one, anyone wanting some new clubs may be able to pick them up cheap as I overheard both of these players suggesting where they might stick their clubs and I don’t think they would be seeing much sunshine. Tony and Warwick also deserve a mention for a dogged round in which no quarter was given and the course came out a clear winner. So different from your round on Saturday Warwick, but that’s what happens when you try to put two good rounds together in one weekend!! I could go on but of the 29 players only 7 players managed to get 30+ points. Maybe too many late nights watching the World Cup and not enough quality sleep was the reason.

However, it’s easy to mock and we can all have off days, my 28 points was well crafted but how annoying is it when a par putt from 18 inches turns into a double bogie, don’t you just hate that. Congratulations also go to the group of Dylis, Ron, Len and James who followed us round the course. They took the Club Captains request quite literally to play the game behind the group in front and not in front of the group behind. I have never been chased round 18 holes in such a dogged manner!!

So who were the winners I hear you ask? Dylis again stepped up and was rewarded with first place and although being the only woman playing, the fact she scored above 30 points was enough to see her justifiably recognised.

Rick Karolewicz had an excellent round with 37 points and came in first followed on a count back by new member Trevor Jones on 34 points from a regular member of the winners’ enclosure Andy Dewar and bad luck Allan Dix who had to settle for 4th place with 34 points as well. If Allan could putt he would have walked it in, but alas not this week Allan.

Nearest the pins went to Banjo on the 3rd and 14th, Rick and Allan on the 7th and Andy on the 13th. Incidentally Andy almost had a hole in one here, his ball danced around the hole leaving him a very easy birdie, great shot Andy. Now just in case no one else noticed but the 9th was also a par 3. Last week Jeff phoned me up to check on what were the par three holes at Flagstaff and as a member there he asked me. I want you all to know I got 4 out of 5 right!! But as luck would have it my 1 wood off the tee had me only 4m from the pin on a tricky into the wind shot of about 121m, some days it just falls into your lap!! So for those people who played and didn’t realise the 9th was a par three and didn’t mark out the distant if your ball landed on the green, please accept my apologies. (Have I been humble enough Jeff??)

My thanks to you all for a great day and to the Flagstaff Hill Club for allowing us to play on your magnificent course. Special thanks to the duty barman who did a great job of looking after all our liquid and culinary needs.

See you all at Murray Bridge on the 16th July. Ring 8531 1388 if you want to book a buggie.

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