Mark Duerden goes from sick bed to 1st tee and takes out the day. But Dylis Hinde was the real hero.

22 Starters set out to do business at the Sandy Creek Golf Club and what a day of disappointments and triumphs it was. First the triumphs and congratulations go to Dylis Hinde for a magnificent 36 points eclipsing all before her.

On the boys side of the fence it was a low scoring day with Mark Duerden seizing the hour from Jeff Snedden on a count back. How many times does our illustrious Captain Jeff find himself in this position but this time it was Mark who prevailed. Allan Dix 3rd with 31 pts (Local knowledge wasn’t enough this time Allan?)

2nd hole Chris Skewes 2m
4th hole Andy Dewar 4m and 23 points!!!
6th hole Ron Hinde 6m
11th hole Len Dewsnap 3.2m

Be wary of the injured sportsman!!!! Jeff got the message Sunday morning that Mark Duerden would not attend due to poor health, scrubbed his name from the list and guess what!! He turns up and the rest is history.

Is the course that testing???? 17 players out of the 22 returned scores less than 30 pts. Jeff told me he played with James Lunnay and witnessed a tree pruning exercise for nine holes that any crew with a cherry picker and chainsaws would be proud of and in every case the ball ended up in some terrible positions. Unlike his other playing partner, Len Dewsnap, who was rewarded by ball position after contact with the odd tree. Its simple Jeff, golf is a thinking man’s game isn’t that right Len?

See you all at Flagstaff Hill on 18th June.

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