Month: April 2006

A Great day and a new winner with Garry Carr taking line honours

34 members waited eagerly on the 1st tee, over-looking the most magnificent view in South Australian golf, the panoramic view of the Bluff, Granite Island and scenic and historic town of Victor Harbor is breath taking. With all that in mind we must stand high above the first fairway and try to imagine our ball flying straight down the middle, over the road hopefully leaving us an unimpeded shot to the first green. Some succeeded and some didn’t, I was one who did succeed in that challenge but how things can go wrong if you only think of the first two shots. Garry Carr however limped home with a superb round of 39 points, 24 on the front and 15 on the back. Great round!! Second place was a mixture of the new and the experienced (some might say young and old, but I’m not one of them), James Newport stormed home with 24 points on the back nine to take his tally to 38 for the day from Sid Robbins who lost on a count back. I must mention, that 24 points by James for nine holes also had 2 scrubs, for those who may be interested that’s an average of 3.43 points per hole that he scored on. Phenomenal effort.

The free lunches have certainly increased our numbers and it is great to see everyone. The new innovation of the nearest pin prizes this year on all holes has also been a great success, primarily reducing any confusion among the players. Dave “The Prez” Brooker knocked one close on the third, Chris Hayes on the seventh, Dave Hudson and Keith Johns swooped away with the remaining two prizes. Great shot guys.

Unfortunately we only had two ladies out this month, so no prize was up for grabs. Barbara Arnold snuck home ahead of Darlene Crimmins, it is great to see Darlene out there giving it go. It would however be amiss of me not to mention how close Darlene came to doing something special, if it wasn’t for the 7th hole where Darlene hit a 4 for 3points, she would have had a clean score card. Thanks goodness for the 7th!! Keep up the good work ladies and we hope to see more of you out next time.

As always there are some side competitions and betting (which in no way is endorsed by the committee as gambling can be addictive) which goes on. Two years ago , Lenny Dewsnap decided that Crimmo had played so badly that he presented him with a pink ball, well unfortunately for Lenny last year the roles had been reversed and Dave returned the ball to him mounted on a trophy. Congratulations Lenny, I believe this prestigious award for your group has been retained and you are first back to back winner of the “Pink Ball” award. They say there is always one in a crowd, I just can’t understand why I am surrounded by all of them.

We are finally heading North, I am sure the extra sleep in for me will improve my scoring, hope to see you all at Sandy Creek (Gawler) on the 21st of May.

My thanks to Mathew for supplying his match report for the website this month.

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