Captain Perfect Wins the Day (Just)

On a glorious day 38 players including 3 ladies set to do battle with one of the top 50 courses in Australia, and for some what a battle it was. But more of them later.

It was just fabulous to see so many of our members taking up the opportunity to play and network with each other and 38 members is becoming the norm this season. It will be interesting to see how many turn up at Victor Harbour, which I consider to be one of the best courses we play next month.

I had the pleasure of playing with our Club Captain Jeff Snedden for the first time and what an elegant golfer he is too. With Sid Robbins and Bob Mulder making up the group we enjoyed the golfing challenges Lady Bay has to offer. Shots of note were Bob using his driver on the Par 3 8th hole, (I wish I had) and Jeff’s second shot on the 4th which bounced over the creek in front of the green setting up his birdie. I did say he was an elegant lucky player didn’t I?

Dylis had a great round and congratulations to her for taking out the Ladies prize this month. The men’s placing were finely contested with Jeff once again taking it out on a count back, this time from David Hudson and the 3rd place went to Max James. Just as well Port had the weekend off hey Max??

Nearest the pins went to for the 6th Terry Greaney at 9.8m. John Humphrys on the 8th at 7m. Chris Watson on the 15th at 8m and Len Dewsnap and Brendan Brown on the 17th at 4m. Well done to all our winners given the stiff breeze we experienced during the day those NTP shots were exceptional.

Worthy of a mention is Mr Kennedy and Mr Hunter… The former like a bullet from the 1st with 21 pts then easing into a somber 7 pts on the back nine. The latter with a 13 pts … what do you say?? Although he was in close company with John Humphrys with 16 pts, Scott Healey with 18 pts and Keith Johns with 19 pts.

I know we should be happy that they kept us off the bottom and not mock. Maybe next month. Don’t forget its Victor Harbor on the 9th April. See you there.

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