Month: July 2005

Mat Kennedy makes his mark

On a beautiful winters morning with the air crisp and clear, 29 players from SAOGA lined up to take on Murray Bridge’s finest golf course.

It was therefore with some sadness as I watched my first drive sail out of bounds, was this an omen that I should have stayed in bed or was it for-telling me of even worse things to follow. Not quite but it was interesting to reflect on the players scores over lunch how things can change in a month. The winners from Flagstaff Hill were nowhere to be seen in the winners circle this time out. In fact some of them you had to look a long way down the list to find their names. What happened Captain Jeff, only 26 points this time out and 4 pointer Mark Duerden only 29, it’s easy to mock but my 27 points sits comfortably within these two fine players!!

It was good to see Scott Healey working on his handicap and a warm welcome to a prospective new member Brendon Brown. It was also great to see Tony Graves back playing after his accident. Obviously you need a bit more time on the driving range and practise putting green Tony but your DIY skills looked spot on, however, joking apart you told me you were very happy with the days outcome and a three way split for the Naga award on 22 points with Chris Skewes and Ron Burrows!!

It was pleasing to see more names down for the NTP this month and congratulations go to Jim Stobie for his magnificent shot on the 2nd and Chris Skewes had at least one shot he was happy with for his NTP on the 4th. The prize giving was over quickly for the NTP’s as the committee man responsible for these prizes didn’t!! But we promise to get them back to you next time!!

So who did step up to the plate this month and dazzle us with their skill and dexterity around this well prepared course. I can speak glowingly of Graham Hackett’s magnificent 39 points which earned him second place. His round was exemplified by his play on the final hole. A terrible drive saw him lost in the dense undergrowth to the right, but he was able to get the ball back out the fairway some 170 metres out. Then a fabulous iron shot onto the green and two putts saw him claim those vital 2 points. I’m sure Matt Kennedy who took first place with 40 points and Carol Brooker who took the Ladies first place had just as fine shots to boast about in the bar after, its just that they didn’t tell me about them!! However Kim Keane who came in third on 37 points did tell me about his round. Ten, 3 pointers and 7 lucky single pointers were the highs and lows of his round. Isn’t golf a great game and doesn’t it do strange things to your head!!

Well done to the winners and we look forward to seeing you all next month when we take on the new challenge of the Pattawalonga course on 21st August.

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