Month: June 2005

Mark sets the pace and handles the elements

It never ceases to amaze me the veracity that my fellow golfers display when it comes to playing their sport whatever the weather. On a very cold and cloudy day reminiscent of a summer’s day in England, 27 of our hardy members turned up to do battle with the Flagstaff Hill Golf course. The first tee was booked at 7.36 and the Mulder’s, Bob and Leon and your intrepid author led off the field. I would like to report that local knowledge and skill gave this team an edge but that was not the order of the day, others more worthy took those honours. But we did get round in 3½hours a credit more to our speed of golf than an ability to shoot a low score.

But before I name the names it was good to see a few more of our members taking up the opportunity to take part in these monthly gatherings: Banjo Paterson, Augustin Paul, Cameron Galloway, Warwick Pope and Tony Meadows to name but a few. A couple of no shows Neil Hunter and James Czornhalan. Now James’s wife is about to give birth so what is your excuse Neil, it can’t have been too hot for a young Scot now could it? At least Dave Brooker didn’t put in an entry form, he knew his Saturday night out did not have waking up at 6am on Sunday morning printed on the dance card!!

So on with the golf, and congratulations this month go to Mark Duerden, I have never seen so many 4 pointers and scrubs on one card, but it doesn’t matter how you score only that it adds up to more than anyone else and in Mark’s case 38 points was enough to win the day. Commiserations go to the runners up, our illustrious Club Captain, Jeff Snedden on 37 points and Rick Karolewicz on 36. For those regular readers of this monthly update you will note that these three have been regular winners and already I can see the club championship slipping in their direction. Catherine Robinson was once again the winner of the Ladies competition and she is playing some great golf, well done Catherine.

So fellow members if you have any aspirations of winning this prestigious award you have a few events left to make your mark. It should also be noted that Jeff was nearest the pin on both of the chosen par 3’s but in accordance with the new rule (Jeff and I made it up yesterday) he could only take out one, so congratulations also go to Bob Mulder for his 1.8m shot of the 13th. It was therefore something of a shame that he three putted!!(or was that the next hole Bob?)

Our thanks go to the Flagstaff Hill staff for a beautifully prepared course and to the bar and kitchen staff for the excellent service post golf.

Our next monthly meeting is at Murray Bridge on 17th July and I look forward to catching up with as many of you who can make the journey. Oh yes the low score of the day, congratulations to Allan Dix who was well out of the frame this month but the winner this month whose name starts with Len and ends with Dewsnap 16 points was by far the best of the day!!

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