Year: 2005

What a fabulous weekend

Renmark for 2005 is now over but I’m sure like me you have countless great memories from the weekend. It really was a fabulous time and my thanks go out to the Committee men whose tireless efforts brought the whole weekend together. On behalf of the Committee I would like to especially thank our Sponsors whose support we could not do without. I will be publishing the names of the winners once I manage to unpack but just wanted to get a note up on the website thanking everyone involved in making it such a great event.

If you have any photographs I can publish from the weekend drop them on an email to me.

Congratulations to Chris Skewes, Carol Brooker, Mark Dueren and Ian Woodstock

We moved away from our regular monthly format and played a Team Stableford competition this time around. The teams were selected on handicap and this had the added bonus of players getting acquainted with other members of SAOGA who they wouldn’t normally play in a foursome. This idea came from Chris Skewes and although I don’t normally single a committee man out for praise as they all work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf, Chris really put out organising the venue, food, raffle and prizes, so many thanks Chris.

The weather had been very overcast for the last few days but a break in the clouds enabled us to enjoy this new venue in bright sunlight, well that was until the closing holes when the sky’s let loose but hey that’s why we lugged round umbrella’s for 16 holes.

24 players turned up and it was great to see a few old faces, Chris and Sue Watson and Chris Porter for this our first visit to the Patawalonga. A later start than normal and it seems to have had a very positive effect on the scores or maybe it was the team format that brought out some of the best golf we have recorded this year. The best score of the day went to Kevin Brenton who broke the course open with a 38, a great score in the conditions but he was chased all the way by Terry Greaney who also had 38 but was pipped on a count back. Barbara Beesley came in with 37 points to take the ladies prize. But to show how competitive a day it was 18 players had 30 points or better which was a fantastic day for golf.

Cyril Arnold using a bit of local knowledge claimed the NTP on the 5th at 2.5 m and made birdie and congratulations to Martin Joyce for his winning shot on the tricky 16th. I say tricky because although there were a high percentage of pars scored on this hole, Martin was the only one who must have landed on the green cause no one else marked down their distances. Go Martin!!

But the day belonged to Team Skewes, Duerden, Carol Brooker and Woodstock who walked away with the coveted title of SAOGA Stableford team of the year 2005. It was a magnificent effort from this team, I know, I did the scoring!! Runner up went to Team Hudson, Brenton, Prater and Keane, tough luck guys, only one point on the 7th really hurt didn’t it?

Our thanks also go to the Westward Ho golf club who allowed us to use their club rooms. The feedback I received after the game was very positive both for the format of the day and the venue, so it looks like we will be adding the Pat to our list for next year.

Mat Kennedy makes his mark

On a beautiful winters morning with the air crisp and clear, 29 players from SAOGA lined up to take on Murray Bridge’s finest golf course.

It was therefore with some sadness as I watched my first drive sail out of bounds, was this an omen that I should have stayed in bed or was it for-telling me of even worse things to follow. Not quite but it was interesting to reflect on the players scores over lunch how things can change in a month. The winners from Flagstaff Hill were nowhere to be seen in the winners circle this time out. In fact some of them you had to look a long way down the list to find their names. What happened Captain Jeff, only 26 points this time out and 4 pointer Mark Duerden only 29, it’s easy to mock but my 27 points sits comfortably within these two fine players!!

It was good to see Scott Healey working on his handicap and a warm welcome to a prospective new member Brendon Brown. It was also great to see Tony Graves back playing after his accident. Obviously you need a bit more time on the driving range and practise putting green Tony but your DIY skills looked spot on, however, joking apart you told me you were very happy with the days outcome and a three way split for the Naga award on 22 points with Chris Skewes and Ron Burrows!!

It was pleasing to see more names down for the NTP this month and congratulations go to Jim Stobie for his magnificent shot on the 2nd and Chris Skewes had at least one shot he was happy with for his NTP on the 4th. The prize giving was over quickly for the NTP’s as the committee man responsible for these prizes didn’t!! But we promise to get them back to you next time!!

So who did step up to the plate this month and dazzle us with their skill and dexterity around this well prepared course. I can speak glowingly of Graham Hackett’s magnificent 39 points which earned him second place. His round was exemplified by his play on the final hole. A terrible drive saw him lost in the dense undergrowth to the right, but he was able to get the ball back out the fairway some 170 metres out. Then a fabulous iron shot onto the green and two putts saw him claim those vital 2 points. I’m sure Matt Kennedy who took first place with 40 points and Carol Brooker who took the Ladies first place had just as fine shots to boast about in the bar after, its just that they didn’t tell me about them!! However Kim Keane who came in third on 37 points did tell me about his round. Ten, 3 pointers and 7 lucky single pointers were the highs and lows of his round. Isn’t golf a great game and doesn’t it do strange things to your head!!

Well done to the winners and we look forward to seeing you all next month when we take on the new challenge of the Pattawalonga course on 21st August.

Mark sets the pace and handles the elements

It never ceases to amaze me the veracity that my fellow golfers display when it comes to playing their sport whatever the weather. On a very cold and cloudy day reminiscent of a summer’s day in England, 27 of our hardy members turned up to do battle with the Flagstaff Hill Golf course. The first tee was booked at 7.36 and the Mulder’s, Bob and Leon and your intrepid author led off the field. I would like to report that local knowledge and skill gave this team an edge but that was not the order of the day, others more worthy took those honours. But we did get round in 3½hours a credit more to our speed of golf than an ability to shoot a low score.

But before I name the names it was good to see a few more of our members taking up the opportunity to take part in these monthly gatherings: Banjo Paterson, Augustin Paul, Cameron Galloway, Warwick Pope and Tony Meadows to name but a few. A couple of no shows Neil Hunter and James Czornhalan. Now James’s wife is about to give birth so what is your excuse Neil, it can’t have been too hot for a young Scot now could it? At least Dave Brooker didn’t put in an entry form, he knew his Saturday night out did not have waking up at 6am on Sunday morning printed on the dance card!!

So on with the golf, and congratulations this month go to Mark Duerden, I have never seen so many 4 pointers and scrubs on one card, but it doesn’t matter how you score only that it adds up to more than anyone else and in Mark’s case 38 points was enough to win the day. Commiserations go to the runners up, our illustrious Club Captain, Jeff Snedden on 37 points and Rick Karolewicz on 36. For those regular readers of this monthly update you will note that these three have been regular winners and already I can see the club championship slipping in their direction. Catherine Robinson was once again the winner of the Ladies competition and she is playing some great golf, well done Catherine.

So fellow members if you have any aspirations of winning this prestigious award you have a few events left to make your mark. It should also be noted that Jeff was nearest the pin on both of the chosen par 3’s but in accordance with the new rule (Jeff and I made it up yesterday) he could only take out one, so congratulations also go to Bob Mulder for his 1.8m shot of the 13th. It was therefore something of a shame that he three putted!!(or was that the next hole Bob?)

Our thanks go to the Flagstaff Hill staff for a beautifully prepared course and to the bar and kitchen staff for the excellent service post golf.

Our next monthly meeting is at Murray Bridge on 17th July and I look forward to catching up with as many of you who can make the journey. Oh yes the low score of the day, congratulations to Allan Dix who was well out of the frame this month but the winner this month whose name starts with Len and ends with Dewsnap 16 points was by far the best of the day!!

Mark Duerden leads the field

Once again we were blessed with excellent condition with which the 26 intrepid players could take on and challenge the Championship course at Lady Bay It was also good to see some old friends, namely John and Helen Humphreys who although unable to play had made to effort to come and see us off. John has just had a shoulder reconstruction. Pay more attention next time Helen is speaking to you John!! We also welcomed a soon to be member in Scott Healey and Leon Mulder was playing his first competition as a member and a welcome return to Bob Watson.

The course was in excellent condition the weather benign and some high scores were expected. So congratulations to Bob Mulder and Len Dewsnap who must have made excellent use of the course and had more shots than anyone else. I know it’s a tough game and we should be sympathetic, but the author only hopes this does not deter them from making further appearances during the season.

In all competitions of this type there are always tales of what might have been and Allan Dix was first and foremost in that category. If Mark Duerden hadn’t turned up and scored 38 points Allan’s 38 points would not have had to face the Club Captains scrutiny and alas he lost on a count-back. But congratulations to both of them as any score better than par was an excellent effort. Once again our Captain, Jeff Snedden was in the winners circle with a well constructed 37 points. The ladies winner was Catherine Robinson with 37 points and Dylis Hinde was runner up with 34 points, well done to both of you.

It would be remiss of me not to mention two of the day’s best shots and congratulations to Darryl Letts for his nearest the pin on the 6th hole at 3m and to Ian Woodstock for a wonderful shot on the 8th at 1.801m (yes I do carry a tape measure Jeff).

This was our second year at Lady Bay and we were able to use the superb new facilities and all agreed it was an outstanding venue. A number of the players had taken the opportunity to bring there families along and stay at the onsite accommodation. It was great to see them at the after match celebrations and lunch. It was suggested that perhaps next year more members might like to advantage of this facility and enjoy each other company for a meal on the Saturday night. The venue has been booked again for next year on the 19th March, so put it down in your diaries and the committee will look at trying to organise an evening.

Finally commiserations to James Newport, who came back to the field with 30 points this time, there’s is always Victor Harbor on the 10th April James.

James Newport handicap slashed by 6 shots!

On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning 31 golfers lined up to test their skills against the Fleurieu Country Club Course. This was an exceptional turn out and all players are to be congratulated for their attendance. They say winners are grinners but young James Newport must still be smiling after pummeling this well turned out course to the tune of 47 points. In the clubhouse after I heard his marker telling anyone who would listen that he had never had to take both shoes and socks off before to count someone’s score on just 9 holes!!

Other starring roles on the day were Jeff Snedden, James Prater and James Lunnay, all had 36 points which is a very creditable score for the day. It was down to our Club Captain, Jeff, to decide the minor placing’s and they came in as shown above, well done Jeff!!

Leading the way for the women was Carol Brooker who took the Lady’s prize with 36 points. I’m not sure who was the most surprised when our President gave her a kiss when he presented the cheque, her or the first second and third men who he didn’t kiss.

There were many stories of shots well played, but only two were recognised. Ron Hinde who took out nearest the pin on the 5th hole with his tee shot 1 meter from the hole and Bob Mulder on the 9th at 2.5meters. I promised Bob I wouldn’t tell anyone that he three putted, so my lips are sealed. Well done Ron and Bob, there were no prizes for the next shot so who cares if you got the birdie or not!!

David thanked the Fleurieu golf club for the use of their facilities and for the excellent after match food. He was also very complimentary to all of the members who had played and particularly pleased to see some of the wives who had made the effort to come along for the lunch.

To those who didn’t walk away with a prize there is always next time and with Lady Bay on the 13th March, that opportunity is not far away.

Author note: Have you noticed that you had to have a name beginning with the letter J to get into the winners circle this month, is this a conspiracy or what!!

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